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Face oils

No matter what your skin type is, Schüssler natural face oils rich in active ingredients offer intensive hydration, nourishment and protection for skin all day long. These face oils not only make skin glow and smooth, but they can also target several skin problems when incorporated into a well-built skin care routine. What is the beauty secret of our Smoothing face oil bakuchiol and Calm & Glow face oil - oat and squalane? Thanks to their remarkably effective active ingredients they may boost skin regeneration, maintain healthy water balance and protect skin from external damages.

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Have you ever heard of bakuchiol and its amazing effects on skin? Bakuchiol is a plant-based extract widely used in skin care and derived from a plant called Psoralea corylifolia which is a strong antioxidant. It is a popular ingredient as it has similar benefits as retinoids have, but unlike retinoids, bakuchiol does not make skin sensitive to light, does not cause irritation making it a perfect substitute and ingredient for those with sensitive skin.

The superstar ingredient of our Smoothing face oil with bakuchiol has several benefits: it has remarkable anti-aging effects making this ingredient a superstar of skin tightening, it also helps cell regeneration, boosts collagen production, reduces wrinkles and pigmentation discoloration.