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Schüssler Skin Perfecting Elixir with Vitamin C - Limited Edition

36.2 €

Clinically proven skin-tightening and extra energy boost for your skin - we've added Vitamin C (Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate) to the majestic formula of the queen of our Age Protection family already rich in Argirelox, EPS Seafill® & Syn-Coll 3 so that luxurious skin-tightening effects are boosted with an effective antioxidant. Thanks to its innovative, plant-based botox formula this Elixir will give you glowy skin, join forces to knock out fine lines and wrinkles even after one application. Enriched with Vitamin C so that you can enjoy its anti-aging, skin renewing and regenerating effects instantly. With light, fast-absorbing texture which can be incorporated into daytime and nighttime skincare routine that will leave your skin feel soft and replenished. 

Content: 30 ml 

  • Enriched with Schuessler’s tissue salts Calcium fluoratum and Silicea 
  • With extra Vitamin-C content (Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate) 
  • with active ingredients Argirelox & Seafill & SynColl 
  • immediate skin-soothing and tightening effect 
  • 100% natural, ECOCERT certified ingredients 
  • Does not contain petroleum byproducts and parabens 
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Expected delivery: April 19, 2021
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The Schüssler Skin Perfecting Elixir with Vitamin C with its unique and innovative formula that combines anti-aging plant-based ingredients and Schuessler’s tissue salts that tighten skin on a cellular level. Recommended for mature skin and for treating pigmentation disorders, and can also be applied for its anti-aging benefits to leave your skin feel radiant and vitalised. Use it several times a week on face or gently massaged into wrinkles for targeted skin care. 

The main ingredients of Schüssler Skin Perfecting Elixir with Vitamin C 

Vitamin C​: This Elixir contains Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (MAP) is a special water-soluble, non-irritant derivative of Vitamin C. An effective, non-irritating antioxidant that may help skin’s collagen production and it has the most effective skin-lightening effect out of other derivatives of Vitamin C.  

  • It effectively fights free radicals that contribute to aging. 
  • It boosts the metabolism and regeneration of skin tissues thus making dull, tired skin glow. 
  • Reduces inflammation. 
  • Supports the natural defense mechanism of skin (e.g. protection against sun damage). 
  • Reduces skin discoloration and helps pigmentation disorders. 
  • It boosts the collagen production of skin while improving elasticity. 

Argirelox: strong peptide complex that helps smooth skin by attenuating muscle contraction. 

EPS Seafill®: produced by marine planktons, its clinically proven collagen and elastin production effects contribute to fast and visible anti-wrinkle effects. 

Syn-Coll: also known as Palmytoyl Tripeptide-5, is a peptide consisting of 3 amino acids stimulating TGF-ß growth factor that is responsible for regulating cell growth and fission resulting in improved collagen production. More collagen equals more youthful complexion and fewer wrinkles. 

The amazing Schuessler tissue salts 

The Skin Perfecting Elixir with Vitamin C contains Schuessler tissue salts Calcium Fluoratum and Silicea, a combination also known as "The Beauty Salts”. Calcium Fluoratum is responsible for the flexibility of connective tissues and cartilage. Silicea helps combat premature facial wrinkles, crow’s feet, and deeply embedded wrinkles on the forehead. Its main role is to shape the structure of connective tissues and cartilage, but it also plays an important role in building bone structure. In case of a deficiency, skin loses its tightness, more wrinkles appear and the flexibility of blood vessels worsens. 

Our Skin Perfecting Elixir with Vitamin C is recommended for: 

  • those who are looking for a unique skin-tightening, anti-aging elixir 
  • those who have dull complexion and have pigmentation disorder 
  • quickly restoring skin’s vitality 
  • for targeted wrinkle reduction 
  • for softening deeper wrinkles 
  • ​for those who are looking for an effective anti-aging skincare product 
  • for those seeking to substitute skin surgeries and injection treatments with 100% natural ingredients 


How to use our Skin Perfecting Elixir: 

  • Due to its targeted and high-end ingredients, you can use it 2-3 times a week to achieve amazing results.  
  • Spread and gently massage 2-3 drops (or more in the case of deeper wrinkles) into skin.  
  • Combine it with our Age Protection Day or Night Cream for the best results.  
  • Use it after cleansing skin, right before applying moisturizer. 
  • Can be used on gace, neck and décolleté. 

The perfect match 

Use this Skin Perfecting Elixir with our Anti-Aging Lifting Mask to get the best results. You can take your skincare routine to the next level by using these two products together. They contain 100% natural ingredients and are gentle, but effective to your skin. For daily care and protection try our Age Protection Day and Night creams


Ingredients (INCI): Aqua, Glycerin, Betaine*, Cellulose Gum*, Phenethyl alcohol, Glyceryl Caprylate, Alteromonas Ferment Extract, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, Pentapeptide-18, Citric Acid, Caprylyl Glycol, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Calcium Fluoride, Silica. 

* ECOCERT certified ingredient


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