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For your elder sister

The secrets of glowing skin
Does she work hard, always busy caring for her family? Surprise her with our carefully made Schuessler beauty set which helps brighten the skin in no time. 

Christmas Set For Your Sister

Total: 59.2 €
instead 43.4 €
Discount: 27%

Besides a combination of 3 types of Schuessler's tissue salts (Calcium fluoratum, Natrium chloratum, and Silicea), the rich and unique formula of Schüssler Age Protection Day Cream contains the latest active ingredients such as EPS Seafill® marine algae extract, plant stem-cells, low molecular hyaluronic acid, and organic vegetable oils. These ingredients help hydrate and nurture skin all day long, reduce visible signs of aging and protect skin from external damage. Boost the power of Age Protection Anti-wrinkle Day Cream with our Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum that combines the superpower of  low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, two types of Schuessler’s tissue salts. It is recommended for targeted skin care and everyday use. Our Vitamin C Face Mist is also enhanced with two types of Vitamin C derivatives, green tea extract with hydrating and toning properties and Schuessler’s tissue salt.

We have one more surprise for you: our Schüssler Christmas Gift Bag is included in every Christmas Set (available for 1 HUF) so you can surprise your loved ones in style!

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