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Natural cosmetics

Perhaps only the most conscious customers know exactly what they put in their cart when purchasing natural cosmetics. It’s good to know the facts and characteristics of natural skin care and what to look for when it comes to buying natural cosmetic products, such as Schüssler Natur CosMEDics.

What are natural cosmetics exactly?

Natural cosmetics are cosmetic products that contain natural ingredients. Both plant and animal-based ingredients can count as natural ingredients, but the latter must be derived from a living animal, e.g. bee wax. Natural cosmetics can contain artificially produced chemical ingredients, but these can not be harsh on the skin or have any negative effects on our health. If a product contains parabens, petroleum derivatives, silicon or other synthetic compounds, it can not be labeled as natural.
Our Schüssler Natur CosMEDics products contain natural, certified ingredients and are made with a 100% natural formula without  parabens, petroleum, artificial colorants or chemically produced fragrances.

The Ecocert certification

All our ingredients are  Ecocert certified, meaning that the quality, the natural origin of the ingredients and the production are all verified. Ecocert is an internationally acknowledged bio certification used in several countries to regulate the ingredients and the natural origin of the cosmetic products. In order to get certified, a product must meet strict requirements, for example the ingredients must come from renewable sources and must be processed in a gentle and environment-friendly way. Certified ingredients are also required to be free from GMOs, parabens, phenoxyethanol, nanoparticles, silicium, PEG, artificial fragrances and colorants and animal-derived products (excluding the products that are produced by the animals themselves, such as milk or wax).

Why are Schüssler Natur CosMEDics products a special type of natural cosmetics?

Traditional cosmetics, and indeed,  the majority of natural cosmetics work instead of the skin as ingredients can only actively change the surface of the skin. However, this means that the cosmetic products only serve as a crutch and are not actively supporting the skin in its  healing process.
The primary goal of Schüssler Natur Cosmedics is to work from the inside. The therapeutic system of Dr. Schüssler’s mineral salts shows our body and skin what it needs to do to establish and keep the ideal balance of our body. The tissue  salts found in our cosmetics manage the ideal process of absorption while promoting ideal cell work. 
The Schüssler salts found in our natural cosmetic products is stimulate skin to restore itself and keep a healthy balance. Continued use helps skin manage different types of deficiencies effectively on its own.

About Dr. Schüssler’s mineral salts

In 1873 a German doctor named Wilhelm Schüssler created a mineral salt-based therapeutic system that can replace -the 12 essential mineral salts found in the body He created the famous tissue salts based on a technique relying on the principles of homeopathy. The cell salts work to adjust the biochemical imbalance and deficiency inside the cell and to restore the metabolic imbalance by using stimulation therapy.
The right type and amount of mineral salts for our body is determined by our age, gender, physical health and how active we are. When our body does not get enough mineral salts or develops deficiencies in absorption it can lead to different illnesses as a consequence.
We use 8 different types of Schuessler’s mineral salts in our 100% natural-based cosmetic products.

What are the ’extra’ benefits of Schüssler Natur CosMEDics?

  • The mineral salts created by Dr. Schüssler can only be found in our cosmetic products. These salts work in the cells and help tissues be more efficient.
  • The special formula of our products ensures that the tissue salts are absorbed through the skin to get the best results.
  • Our products and their ingredients are not tested on animals and we firmly believe in cruelty-free skin-care.
  • Our products are hypoallergenic so that those with sensitive skin can also find a solution to their skin problems.
  • We do not use palm tree oil in our products and do not support the environmental destruction that goes with establishing artificial plantations all over the world.
  • Our short-term goal is to make all of our products vegan – the majority of our products already are - as indicated by a vegan logo.
  • All of our products are developed and produced in Hungary.
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