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The Schuessler therapy

Schuessler Therapy - An Individual Cure

The idea behind this unique therapy system originates from the German homeopath and doctor, Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schüssler, and is considered one of today's most important alternative cures using mineral salts. There is no other type of treatment in which an individually tailored, complex healing method can be put together in order to bring the mineral levels of the body into balance. Numerous symptoms of mineral deficiencies may occur and are often observed through skin discolouration and oily patches. Dr. Schüssler discovered that a lack of certain minerals cause characteristic changes in the skin. 
Today, it is commonly known that the body requires certain minerals, in order for the cells to fulfill their functions optimally. When an imbalance occurs, the metabolic process is disrupted. The mineral balance in the body is influenced by various factors: wrinkles deepen with age; skin shows signs of acidification, due to poor nutrition; the accumulation of toxins are manifested as milia; dull skin is a sign of exhaustion, etc. However, there are many more symptoms that mark the change in the balance or increased requirement of mineral substances. 
This has formed the basis for the development of Schüssler's therapy that is still considered extremely important for the treatment of mineral substance deficiencies today.

Facial Diagnosis

Fine wrinkles and lines, possible discoloration in the face and oily skin indicate a lack of certain mineral salts. These signals given by our body should be observed and acted on! Certain diseases can be prevented through Schüssler's therapy. The use of creams are beneficial in that the ingredients are quickly absorbed by the skin and act directly where they are needed.

Application of Creams

The Schüssler's Natur CosMEDics creams can be applied to the skin 2 - 3 times daily. Apply the creams using circular movements. Please note: Do not use any additional products that contain menthol, camphor or eucalyptus. These  ingredients can severely impair the effect of Schüssler creams.


The main component of the Schüssler products is purified water, which is used as a solvent for all active substances and as a moisturizer. Another important ingredient is shea butter, which is an extraordinary vegetable fat, guaranteed to be unprocessed and free of any additives. It is rapidly absorbed by the skin, stimulates the self-healing effect and offers lasting moisture. Furthermore, the creams contain apricot kernel oil, which is rich in essential nutrients and vitamin A. This makes it perfect care for dry, sensitive or mature skin. Moreover, jojoba oil has a balancing effect and offers intense moisture to both to oily and dry skin types. This is due to the fact that the composition of jojoba oil is similar to that of the skin's own sebum.

Name of Item Properties and Characteristics
No. 1 Calcium Fluoratum - Calcium fluoride Increases elasticity of the connective tissue, rejuvenates and strengthens nails.
No.2 Calcium Phosphoricum -Calcium phosphate Remineralizing effect, promotes consolidation and the resistance of the teeth and prevents the formation of dental caries.
No.3 Ferrum Phosforicum - iron phosphate Anti-inflammatory effect, for more defenses and better oxygen transport.
No.4 Potassium Chloratum - Potassium chloride Regulates fluid balance, detoxifying and is therefore ideal for the treatment of skin redness and eczema.
No.5 Potassium Phosphoricum - Potassium phosphate Regenerative effects for the tisssues. This is very important for the formation of red blood cells. It is referred to as "energy source for the brain" and thus contributes to combating nervousness, fatigue and insomnia.
No.6 Potassium Sufuricum - Potassium sulphate This mineral is found in the skin, bones, muscles and nails. It relieves skin diseases and is detoxifying, with a peeling effect. Very good effect against dark spots, blemishes and rashes .
No.7 Magnesium Phosphoricum - Magnesium hydrogenphosphate Soothes muscle cramps and strengthens the general physical and mental performance.
No. 8 Sodium chloride - sodium chloride Regulates the water balance and is essential for the formation of new cells. Combines toxins that are released from the body. Ideal for dry mucous membranes, skin rashes and eczema.
nr.9 Natrium Phosphoricum - sodium phosphate Is suitable for neutralizing excess acid. Helps against acne, pimples and blackheads.
No.10 sodium Sulfuricum - sodium sulfate Removes excess fluid, helps rid the body of waste products and detoxifies the organism. It promotes drainage and helps fight redness and rosacea (spots).
No.11 Silicea - Silica Helps with the formation of collagen and strengthens the skin, mucous membranes, hair and nails. Increases resistance of the tissues and detoxifies. Acts as anti-aging care. For soft and supple skin, hair and nails.
No.12 calcium Sulfuricum - Calcium sulphate Regulates the metabolism, renews the cells and strengthens the connective tissues.
It also has an anti-inflammatory effect.