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Dry skin

Dry skin

Skin is our largest organ that forms a protective barrier against environmental and external influences. Healthy skin feels smooth, soft when touched but dehydration can occur if skin is not treated accordingly. It's best to treat and nurture this skin problem as dry skin feels uncomfortable and cracked skin may be an aesthetic problem.

What are the symptoms of dry skin?

Dry skin can be identified easily by touch: skin is tight, looks and feels rough. Itching, burning and irritation can occur later as well. Skin may begin to slough, crack and in more severe cases it can bleed. The state of skin will not improve when using daily skin care treatments, symptoms may be in remission, for a couple of hours. 
The natural defense barrier of skin is a hydrolipidic layer consisting of water and lipids. If skin is healthy, this layer can protect skin from external damages and supports water retention. When hydrolipidic imbalance occurs in the epidermis, skin can not function properly and the symptoms of dry skin appear.

Stages of skin dryness

1. Dry skin: skin feels uncomfortable, moderate soreness and slough occur.
2. Extreme dry skin: skin feels uncomfortable and unpleasant, slough, cracking and tightening may be experienced. 
3. Atopic dermatitis: a condition that causes skin to be extremely dry, itchy, irritated.

When to see a doctor

Dry skin can not fulfill its protective function and is more sensitive, vulnerable to external damages. See your dermatologist if you experience itching simultaenously with redness, irritation or open wounds. Wounds and weaker, thinner skin is prone to viruses and bacteria.

Causes of dry skin

Dry skin or extreme dry skin is a chronic skin condition and skin type. Usually genetics play an important role in having dry skin, but other causes may contribute to dry, dehydrated skin as well. Dehydration may be temporary caused by external factors such as cold air, change in temperature, too hot our cold rooms. Soaps, A száraz bőr vagy nagyon száraz bőr egy krónikus állapot, és egy konkrét bőrtípust jelöl. Soaps, face cleansers, detergents, sunbathing and tanning may also dry skin.

Dry or dehydrated skin?

Dry skin is a skin type which can be improved but can not be changed. Dry skin is thin, vulnerable and contains little water and lipids. 
Dehydrated skin is however a temporary, reversible state that can occur with every skin type. Dehydrated skin feels tight and sore in patches. 

Taking care of dry skin

Avoid contacting really hot baths, showers and tubes – try minimising time spent under hot water.
Avoid cosmetics containing chemicals such as alcohol, artificial fragrances and colorants, parbens.
Use body lotion made for dry skin after every shower or bath
From spring to autumn use regularly natural physical suncreen like Schüssler Sunscrean SPF15
Consume more water and less alcohol and caffeine
Don’t rub your skin while cleanin it: use cotton pads or reusable pads. Avoid cleansers with alcohol. 

Schüssler skin care routine for dry skin

  1. Cleaning: You will rethink what you’ve learned about soaps when you try our No.8 Hydrating soap with cubeba oil. This soap contains Schuessler’s tissue salt No.8 so that it can hydrate skin on a tissue level, while also containing cubeba oil, coconut oil and shea butter rich in Vitamin A and E. Use it on your face or body when you experience smptoms of dry or dehydrated skin.
  2. Face care: One of the favourites of our customers is our No.8 face cream with a light texture. 
    This face cream packed with natural ingredients is a fast-absorbing, multifunctional cream that ensures intensive and long-lasting hydration. It contains Schuessler’s tissue salt Natrium chloratum that restores fluid balance of skin. A particularly great pick for dry, dehydrated skin as it nurtures and pampers it. Use our Hialuron Face Serum 2-3 times a week incorporated into your morning or evening skin care routine. Apply it after cleansing your face and before using any moisturizer. It offers long-lasting hydration fills up wrinkles and fine lines, tightens skin.
  3. Body care: Use our No.1+11 Body lotion for dry skin. This cream is enriched with two types of Schuessler's tissue salts, bio shea butter and argan oil to hydrate and nurture your skin. With a light but rich formula.