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We guide you through how  to effectively but delicately clean your hands on a daily basis and how to hydrate your hands with long-lasting and visible results. 

Even kids know that washing your hands regularly is important, but it will only  be effective if done correctly. Plenty of water, soap and a thorough rinse are the recipe for clean and hygienic hands. Even regular hand washing may result in dry skin, but if done frequently, hands become cracked and chapped. To avoid this, wee recommend using our hydrating Nr. 9 soap with tea tree oil. This will not only effectively clean skin but also nourish it. Our Nr. 8 soap enriched with cubeba oil is effective in cleaning your hands while deeply moisturizing and nourishing them. 
Hydration is essential  to get perfectly soft and silky skin. Our Nr. 8 and Nr. 3 creams regenerate and moisturize dry hands. With their rich formula they provide nurturing and caring at the tissue level, are fast-absorbing, and have long-lasting effects.
Our natural skin care products packed with 100% delicate ingredients and Schuessler tissue salts are a good choice when it comes to hand care and hygiene.